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Join fellow supporters across the globe in the ultimate fan experience! By mixing the era of fast paced digital with the culture of football, GOTIFO bridges both the online and offline worlds, enabling you to interact with a community of fans and share your love of the game together, anywhere, anytime and with any league.

Community-driven, truly social


GOTIFO is a dedicated platform designed to elevate the fan experience in a unique way, by offering a social interactive hub and user-generated content so you can share your passion for the global game with fans worldwide.



GOTIFO becomes truly social by connecting users on- and offline - not only for 90 mins, but during daily commutes, while traveling or whenever you want to experience the game. GOTIFO creates incentives to not only consume football digitally, but to seek live experiences and create content that feeds back into the app.



Find fixtures near and abroad. If you're traveling, you can connect with other local supporters and arrange to watch a game together, or invite nearby supporters to hang out with you at a stadium or your local pub. GOTIFO brings like-minded people together!


Football Enthusiasts

Tapping into your tribe is easy with GOTIFO. Build your network by connecting with like-minded people, anywhere, anytime. Arrange meet-ups to cheer on your favorite team- be it near or far. Touch base locally or as part of your next trip.

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It's football frenzy! Never miss the latest news on how your favorite teams are doing with our global news updates. Select your favorite teams to keep track of their latest game schedules, scores, and competition rounds or see real-time updates of any football teams globally. Chat with your GOTIFO network on any topic you like, anytime.

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A community-driven, truly social


Apparent lack of a dedicated platform that serves as an interactive hub for the global game. A community-driven, football-specific platform that elevates fan experience through user-generated content, and highly tailored social features.


Tobias and Daniel met ten years ago at a football match in Thailand and they had been travelling together to watch football matches throughout Asia since then. Inspired by the idea of highlighting the football fan cultures in Asia through videos and documentaries, they started the Football Fans Asia project in 2016. This opened floodgates of opportunities to connect with thousands of fans all over Asia. FFA serves as one of the modern day catalysts in showing the world what Asian football fans are made of. GOTIFO was born out of the dream to provide an alternative platform to experience, discover, share and preserve THE FOOTBALL CULTURE across the globe. It aims to bridge geographical, social and racial barriers through one common ground, the love for football. Let’s GOTIFO!